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Il "CSC " Cortina Snwokite Contest ,è stato uno dei dei primi eventi Internazionale di Snowkite in Italia. Dalla prima edizione 2008 atleti provenienti da tutta Europa di sono sfidati sulla neve di Passo Giau ,nelle Dolomiti , nelle varie discipline del kite-freestyle .
Evento organizzato da Kite4Freedom .

La 6a edizione del CSC2021 dal 18 al 21 Marzo , valida per il titolo :  

-Freestyle World Championship 
-BigAir  Wolrd Championship 

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IKA Snowkite World Cup :

" After careful consultation with our event organizers regarding the health and safety of everyone in our sport – riders, officials, spectators – we have made the difficult decision to also postpone the final event of this year's Snowkite World Cup season.


The Snowkite World Cup Cortina was set to take place from 18-21 March in Passo di Giau, one of the highest passes in the Dolomites mountain range.


Following ongoing concerns about the COVID-19 virus and the associated restrictions on international travel, we feel that this is the best way to proceed during such an unprecedented global situation. We are very disappointed that we are unable to hold the tour in 2021, especially as all venues have seen the best snow conditions since years. But we know it is the right decision based on the information we have today.


Cortina was the final event of the Snowkite World Cup and would have seen World Champions crowned in Freestyle and Big Air. Previously, the events in Kharkiv (UKR), Lago di Resia (ITA) and Roccaraso (ITA) had been postponed due to ongoing travel interruptions, health concerns, and governmental restrictions on the staging of events.


All events will now take place in 2022, with the following tentative dates:

•             Kharkiv (UKR) – Racing & Long Distance: 19-23 January 2022

•             Resia (ITA) – Racing & Long Distance (Freestyle side event): 04-06 February 2022

•             Roccaraso (ITA) – Racing & Long Distance (GPS Formula side event): 24-27 February 2022

•             Cortina d’Ampezzo (ITA) – Freestyle & Big Air: 17-20 or 24-27 March 2022


The World Champion titles in the racing and long distance disciplines will be awarded to the winners of the 2022 World Cup tour. The World Titles in Freestyle (Kicker, Slider, Airtrick) and Big Air will be awarded in Cortina. "

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